Website Care and Maintenance

Work on your business while we handle your website

Peace of Mind

Managing a website takes time. When you hire us to host and maintain your WordPress site, you have a dedicated web department who work to keep your site secure, up-to-date and running snappy. Concentrate on your business and let us handle running your website!


Lets face it, savvy web users expect your site to load quickly. A slowly loading website can deter potential customers. It can also have a negative effect on your site’s search engine ranking. We offer high-performance, WordPress-optimized web hosting to all our clients who sign up for any of our Web Care Packages.


A modern website is complex software that offers site owners unprecedented functionality. However, this creates a much greater need for security. By keeping all software systems up-to-date and employing industry standard security monitoring, as well as regular back-ups, we greatly reduce the risk of your web property being compromised.

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