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Designing Effective Websites is our passion

We create conversion focused websites to represent your business, support your brand and drive more qualified leads to you.

Green Leaf Web has earned a wealth of knowledge and experience in design and development because we love what we do. Our custom websites are elegantly designed and are as attractive as they are functional, informative and user friendly.

All Our Projects Are Forged from Our Core Fundamentals

Project Discovery

We get to know you and your business. We ask a LOT of questions. We need to know what you do and how you do it. We want to know what you like, who are your customers, what are your long term goals?

We dive deep into your business with you to best determine your needs.

We focus on the User Experience for your Customers

User Experience

We know how to present your unique message to your unique customers. We plan and design your website to attract qualified leads and retain customers.

We strive to educate your customers and encourage visitors to interact with you.

Professional Development

Code drives the web so we stay ahead of the curve.

Our development team integrates visual design with rock-solid code for optimum performance and functionality.

We focus on the User Experience for your Customers

Organized and Communicative

Our process dictates that we stay on schedule, so your project doesn’t get hung up. We communicate with you every step of the way, so there are no surprises.

Friendly Support

We don’t disappear after the project completes. We are here for you to make sure your site is functioning properly and running smooth. When you have any questions or are ready to create a new addition, we are ready!

Knowledge and Experience

There is very little we haven’t seen in a web project. Our team brings together a wide range of skills that as a whole offer your business a range of custom web solutions.

Custom Web Solutions that Convert Customers

The Art of Responsive Design

Anyone who has ever visited a website on their mobile device and been greeted with a miniaturized version of a full-sized website understands why responsive design is so important.

The web is an ever-changing environment as are the devices we use to access it; be it a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The fact is many people will visit your site on a number of different devices and will expect a seamless experience no matter what.

We provide an experience your customers will intuitively master the first time. We build the design from the ground up to be engaging regardless of the device it is displayed on. We leverage your branding and optimize navigation and content to encourage your users to explore your site and learn about your product.

Manage Your Content

Content management systems allow businesses to create and modify web content that appears online. Through a centralized interface, site administrators are able to update page information, upload documents, and post media. Content management systems have positively transformed the way organizations approach online activity.

Without a CMS in place, businesses need to hire a specialist or outsource website management. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing and we do offer that service, we believe in empowering our clients to be directly involved in their web properties.

We have extensive experience in many CMS frameworks; specializing in WordPress, the most popular of all the CMS frameworks in use today. Schedule a consultation with us to determine your needs!


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